Missouri’s tax on Kansans means Kansas could tax Missourians

Missouri lawmakers opened the backdoor for taxing working Missourians by creating a tit-for-tat tax environment with Kansas, but the month-old law appears set for repeal.

The dispute started with Jefferson City lawmakers approving what amounts to a state tax on Kansans who work in Missouri. Kansas lawmakers stand ready to reply in kind.

Missouri’s law ends a tax deduction that lets Kansans working in Missouri deduct Kansas property taxes from Missouri income taxes. Topeka lawmakers could force Missourians who work in Kansas to do the same. Jordan said the new law is another example of Missourians picking Kansans’ pockets. He cited the earning tax Kansas City, Mo., which forces outsiders to pay for working in the city.

BY: Jack “Miles” Ventimiglia, Editor, www.kccommunitynews.com

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